I began my post graduate career as a studio artist.  After ten years I became interested in flying as a career.  I spent over 30 years as a professional pilot.  I’ve since retired and have returned to my studio.  I’ve never felt that this was an odd mix of focus.  I consider both disciplines to be based on the understanding of movement and space.  As a pilot it was important to understand the very fluid environment of high speed/high altitude flight.  For me that meant understanding the space, depth and the concept of moving within that environment.  It also gave me the unique opportunity to not only observe but travel back and forth between the environments of air and ground.  These factors easily apply to my definition as an artist.  My current work is a merging of these definitions.  It is the platform for my abstract paintings of paint on paper and canvas.


Harriet Bellows graduated from Alfred University College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Art (1968) and a Masters of Fine Art (1971).  She established and operated a studio for ten years before beginning a thirty year aviation career.  She was a member of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA).  During that period she served as an elected representative, was a trained ALPA Accident Investigator and Critical Incident Response Coordinator and a certified flight instructor.  The transition from her artist’s studio to flying began with an interest in technology.  In 2010 she retired from flying and again established a painting studio as as full time artist in Golden Belt Artists Studios in Durham, NC.


Ms Bellows has been in numerous national and international exhibitions and solo shows.  She is a past member of the Cambridge Art Association of Boston, MA.  Her art is in numerous collections including the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Luce Foundation) Permanent Collection, The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian and the Mint Museum (Allan Chasanoff Ceramics Collection) of Charlotte, NC.