Jeremy Kerman now showing


Durham by Ghostbike

When I lived in Philadelphia, I’d often get off work late at night and go biking around the city looking at the houses and the street lights. I didn’t paint much during this time but I think ideas began to form. During this time, my friend Marc Cote took me to a show of bay area expressionists, including Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira, which made a lasting impression on me.

True to form, my first piece for this show, Seth and the Elved, depicts a storefront which is now defunct (the former Bargain Furniture/Organic Transit building). If you look closely you can see a Ghostbike Parking sign. I guess I have an affinity for that which is old or passing. Last time, it was the Liberty Warehouse.

For this show, my wife Amy asked me to do a picture of her friend Seth’s ghost bike. He died in 2013. So, his life is another passing. I decided to call this picture, “I Found a Reason”, after a song I like very much by the Velvet Underground. I hope that this piece conveys at least some of the beauty and optimism that was his life. It seemed important for it to not be sad, in order to honor him.

My works are almost all mixed media because my M.O. tends to be grabbing whatever works best and is on hand. Materials I like are acrylics, pastels, pencils, and various papers for collaging.


Jeremy Kerman studied painting, drawing, and design at Montclair State College, and screen printing and intaglio at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His work is featured at the local landmark Watts Grocery in Durham, and in many private collections throughout the Triangle.  Commissions are a specialty.  This is his second major show.