I am an artist and a runner.  Both activities allow me to observe and to imagine and to create in my head and on paper.

One day while running, I became fascinated by the beauty of the yellow finches among the coneflowers at Duke Gardens.  The finches were so fast paced and lively.   I started really watching the other birds in the neighborhood.  I listen to their songs as I walk the dog.  I catch glimpses of their amazing colors, patterns and behaviors.  The birds have certain lightness and power at the same time.

My collages are birds not so much in flight, but birds that are caught in the instant that I see them.  The image of the bird that stays in my mind flies with pieces of cut paper in my compositions.


Kathryn  graduated from Boston University with a BFA in painting 1992 and has continued to pursue a painting career while working full time at House of Frames/Craven Allen Gallery.  Her work is shown at many venues throughout the Triangle and is featured in many collections in the Triangle, Connecticut, San Francisco and Pennsylvania.
The cut and paste technique is a process that I started experimenting with in college. I have worked to perfect and enjoy this method ever since. The process of choosing colors and textures and then applying them to a detailed drawing slows me down and allows me to think about the composition.

I use 100% acid free rag paper and acrylic gel medium. All papers used in the collage are as stable as possible. The paintings are finished with a UV Protecting Self Leveling Gel.

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