These recent prints illuminate untold stories from history, juxtaposing images of confederate prisoners, sphinxes, and whales with empty spaces and stages.  My art probes the pictorial tension between landscape and narrative.  Narrative is dependent upon the delineation of outlines that refer to matter.  Landscape, by contrast, is a depiction of space in which matter is transformed by distance and begins to take on the musical qualities of time, history and, at the horizon, the future.  The hand printed stone lithograph Sunshine After Rain, A Farce in Two Acts depicts an elaborate ‘historic’ stage presenting emptiness.

Obsolete photographic treatises and their conflicts with painting have particularly influenced these prints.  I’m interested in the concept of the cameraless photograph, the idea of usefulness in an image, the aesthetics of class, and the concept of originality.

Many of these prints were made in collaboration with master printer Erika Schneider at Bleu Acier Inc in Tampa, Fl.  Photogravure printing was invented in 1879 and the basic process is to photographically transfer an image to a metal plate, etch the image on the plate then print from it.  Stone lithography is a method of printing that utilizes a limestone slab and relies on the principle of the repulsion of oil and water.


Steve McClure’s paintings, prints and works on paper have been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the south and northeast.  Recent exhibitions include Visions at the Block Gallery in Raleigh,New Prints/2011 at the International Print Center in NY, and Art on Paper at the Weatherspoon Museum in Greensboro.  He is the recipient of two winter fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, a  Special Editions Residency at the Lower East Side Printshop, and the AIM residency at the Bronx Musuem of Arts.

Mr. McClure was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  He graduated from the University of South Florida.  While living in Durham from 1995 to 2003 he opened the Willie Shaker Gallery, an artist run gallery space, and produced the experimental noise show Collective Media Project on WXDU 88.5. Steve currently resides in Brooklyn.